This video was composed for the purpose of presenting for my Senior Thesis pitch. This particular video explores the concept of "absence." I encourage viewers to imagine the protagonist feeling alone, without the company of their partner, their significant other, someone special.

The actual video that will accompany this song, with lyrics included, will take a different approach and the content will make the context apparent. The video I intend to make will explore a queer relationship in one of its most intense moments, as mental illness shows the couple a challenge they never thought they'd face. Until that video is released, enjoy this last-minute composition I've prepared.

The lyrics:
"I look into your eyes and feel my wildest dreams
Come to full fruition in a moment's time
You make me feel like I cam whole and clean
Like I have finally won the war inside

When it gets hard for me to carry on
I stop for hours just to think about your smile
I breathe you all day long, from dawn to dawn
Because you make living life so much more worthwhile

Someday I'll realize what a mess I've made
We'll fall apart like star-crossed lovers often do
But I know I'll do whatever it may take
To be good to you, my love, to be loyal and stay true

The message of these pregnant words I write
Is simply understood what's taken apart
It won't be easy, but I'll never leave your side
So here's my heart...

Here's my heart."

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