58th Cork Film Festival
9 - 17 November 2013

Opening Night Special Presentation
Sat 9 Nov | 20:30 | Cork Opera House

Nothing is forever.

Alexander Payne’s (Sideways, About Schmidt, The Decendents) latest film revisits a favourite trope of the director: a road trip, during which bittersweet personal truths are uncovered and savoured. In the car this time are lonely hi-fi salesman David Grant (Will Forte) and his father Woody (Bruce Dern, in a Cannes Palme d’Or Best Actor winning performance). Woody has ‘won’ a million dollars in a sweepstakes, and won’t trust to the post to collect his winnings. To stop him walking the 700 miles to lottery HQ, and suspecting there might be more at stake than money, David takes him. Piece-by-piece a fuller, richer picture of his grouchy taciturn alcoholic father builds up—old loves, business partners, and members of the extended family are encountered, and life-shaping facts from Woody’s youth are uncovered.

Nebraska is a very personal film, a gentle and painstaking exploration of where we come from, those who made us, and what made them. The midwest—as much a character here as a backdrop—is unsentimentally yet affectionately explored, often surprisingly gorgeous to behold, thanks to Payne’s long-time regular DOP Phedon Papamichael’s luscious black-and-white widescreen. A slow, satisfying burn, the film is frequently very funny indeed, and calmly and constantly moving as we watch one man begin to have a fuller understanding of what has made his father, whilst facing up to this perhaps being their last adventure together.

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