About SNP Sandbox: docs.google.com/document/d/1IrRpSqjVjPylUZ8bJvndF9u69YpiukfZvSXVUEvrT6E/edit?usp=sharing

The Livewello Gene Variance App now comes with a very easy to use feature for adding an unlimited number of SNPs to your report. There are about 297,000 Disease related SNPs in your 23andMe Raw Data. There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for the SNP Sandbox Tool.
Once you pay for the Livewello Gene App, the SNP Sandbox feature is included as part of your purchase.

The Standard report is still included in your purchase and can be viewed by clicking the “View Report” button.
With Livewello's SNP Sandbox Tool, you no longer have to wait for App updates to add SNPs to your Report.
If you've received your 23andMe Raw Data results and are are looking for your results on a SNP or Gene, you can use The SNP Sandbox tool in the Livewello Gene App to check for it.

To be clear, there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for the SNP Sandbox Tool or the SNP Template Library. Once you pay for the Livewello Gene App, the SNP Sandbox and Library features are included for free as part of your purchase.
To use the Livewello Gene app go to: livewello.com/23andMe


Since this video was made, we have added yet another free feature: The SNP Template Library
It is also a free tool for Livewello Gene App owners. It is available at: livewello.com/snp-templates

The SNP Template Library is a FREE library that contains ALL the Customized SNP Templates shared by other Livewello Users. All you have to do is click on any Template link in the library to auto-generate a report for yourself or other profiles in your Livewello account.
With the Livewello Gene App you can also:
~Compare 2 Variance Reports in your account side by side and
~Copy a SNP Sandbox template to other profiles in your account.

This is an Example of a Livewello user's shared Histamine SNP Template. If you own the Livewello Gene App, you can click on it to see how it works:

Otherwise view screenshots here: docs.google.com/document/d/1IrRpSqjVjPylUZ8bJvndF9u69YpiukfZvSXVUEvrT6E/edit?usp=sharing

To use the SNP Sandbox tool and SNP Template Library, get the Livewello Gene App: LiveWello.com/23andMe

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