Smith College baffled by unidentified letter proposing a straight only women's sorority

The Female only Smith college in Northampton Massachusetts receives a proposal from an unidentified female student that stirs up the campus. The email that quickly went viral calls for an exclusive chapter of the Delta Gamma sorority for straight girls, which will include planned activities such as sorority mixers with Amherst men, weekly dinner dates, weekly photo shoots and baking nights. The anonymous self-identifying heterosexual student wrote in an email that she felt quote "marginalized" at the women's college of 2,600 and that the straight-only sorority could be a great way to socialize with people who you identify more with. The email, which made it's rounds on various social media websites, caused many Smith Students to voice their feelings regarding the topic on Twitter, the majority of whom never recalled feeling discriminated against or outcasted. The Public outcry was so strong that the Smith College student who leaked the e-mail removed the original post, apologizing for the subsequent backlash against the author. Delta Gamma officials are baffled by the e-mail, and have been unable to identify who wrote it, saying that this sort of approach does not fall in line with the chapter's values whatsoever, according to USA today. No sororities currently exist at the women's college, and Smith College's Student Body President Augusta Gronquist assured her peers in a university wide e-mail last week that no such sorority would come to existence, stating quote, " Student Government Association practice has been to not charter exclusive organizations.

UN meets to discuss latest LGBT issues worldwide

For the first time, the United Nations met for a ministerial meeting to discussed the issues faced by the LGBT community worldwide. This past Thursday top international leaders met at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City to embark on talks regarding LGBT rights and equality. Among them, were United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, and the directors of International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and Human Rights Watch.
To set the tone of THE discussion, High Commissioner Navi Pillay stated, QUOTE, "When I BECAME High Commissioner for Human Rights five years ago, there was almost no discussion at the United Nations on the human rights challenges faced by lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex people... That is no longer the case."
The United Nations coalition committed to combat LGBT discrimination, adopted a declaration that pledged to not only to protecting LGBT rights but also to counter homophobic and transphobic attitudes worldwide. In light of this historic meeting, the UN initiative, Free & Equal issued a video capturing the highlights from THE discussion.

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New Jersey Star-Ledger under fire for misidentifying transgender murder victim

The New Jersey Star-Ledger Newspaper has been under-fire this past week after incorrectly reporting on a transgendered murder victim in New Brunswick, New Jersey.
Eyricka Morgan was allegedly stabbed by her neighbor, 21 year-old Devonte Scott, in her home, earlier this month on Tuesday September 24th. The New Jersey Star-Ledger began to receive media attention when it came out that Morgan, who was previously identified as male, was in fact a transgendered woman. The article's writer was first approached on the matter by GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, but was quickly chastised for not immediately taking action to revise the article. Many expressed the importance of correctly identifying Morgan as a transgendered woman, as it brings light to the ongoing violence the transgendered community faces. In addition, the new-source was shown disapproval for not adhering to industry standards when commenting and reporting on transgendered people.
The New Jersey paper has since then issued an updated article acknowledging Eyricka's gender, but has not yet removed the former inaccurate article. Many readers and commentators still have been pressuring the New Jersey Star-Ledger to take down the previous article from their online media site and have urged for a formal apology from the writer for the misidentification of the late Eyricka Mogan. Eyricka was 26 when she passed this last Tuesday.

Italian Chairman of pasta maker Barilla sparks outrage for Anti-Gay remarks

Well the Chairman of the Italian-based pasta maker Barilla has been under scrutiny in Europe and the U.S for his openly homophobic remarks made during this past Wednesday's Italian radio program. Guido Barilla sparked outrage among activists, consumers and some politicians when he stated that he wouldn't consider using a gay couple to advertise his product, saying t

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