All animation is full CG and key framed

Shots 1-4
All animation

Shot 5
Animated Salaak (second from right)

Shot 6
Animated Nautkeiloi (fish-like character)

Shot 7
Animated Green Lantern and gun

Shot 8
Animated Green Lantern, Parallax, gun and truck

Shot 9
Animated Green Lantern CG Suit

Shots 10-14
All animation

Shot 15
All animation (dialogue from "Lost")

Shot 16
Animated lost souls in the background

Shot 17
Animated Green Lantern

Shot 18
Animated Green Lantern and canisters

Shots 19 and 20
All animation


Character rigs are property of Warner Bros. Studios, Blue Sky Studios and

All Green Lantern shots are property of Warner Bros. Studios, and all Ice Age shots are property of Blue Sky Studios

Music from Madagascar "Zooster's Breakout"

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