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DVD Title: Nature DVD - The Flow of Nature with Scenery From Yellow Stone National Park

Beautifully blended scenes of nature set to wonderfully calming and inspiring music.

Filmed in HD, the latest DVD from cinematographer Tony Helsloot shows both his love of nature and his masterful editing skills. Complemented by the soothing music of Simon Daum, this DVD has 9 different Flow of Nature tracks with a mix of the sea, waterfalls, forests, flora and fauna, rainbows, geysers and many other natural wonders. Play each track continuously or use the Play All function to play all 9 in turn.

1. Pacific Waves 2. Yellowstone Dream 3. Waterfalls 4. Natural Glory 5. Forest Waters 6. Coastal Nature 7. Sea Moods 8. Water Impressions 9. Sunset Beaches

Three further Natural Decoration tracks show a waterfall and river in a scene of luscious green, a glorious sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and a seldom seen geyser in Yellowstone. Tracks repeat continuously and can be played with the natural sounds recorded on location, music, or a mix of both.

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

Speedy delivery!!! Item was received within 7 days from ordering and it was sent from out of the country. Video is awesome it plays all day in a healthcare facility with rave reviews from everyone. Will definitely purchase additional dvds in the future!!!
H. C. Salerno, Florida

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

I purchased "The Flow of Nature" to play in the lobby of our funeral home and it has been enjoyed by so many people. We have had numerous customers request information about the DVD so that they could order their own copy. This DVD does a marvelous job of helping people relax and feel peaceful during a stressful time. The photography and music are outstanding.
Jeff Zealley,UTAH

Review of the Nature DVD of The Flow of Nature DVD

I recently purchased this DVD for my father's 87th birthday. He lives in a nursing home and has dementia and aphasia. He can no longer talk and rarely responds to his environment. When I shared this DVD with him he watched the entire movie and nodded to me. It's a series of films about water flowing - waterfalls, streams, geysers, the ocean - accompanied by natural water sounds or by soothing music. It is calm and relaxing - perfect for nursing home residents or individuals with intellectual disabilities.
Barb Sweigard, USA

Review of Nature DVD: The Flow of Nature

The photography is first class, but the programming is very inflexible. The VAT 19 DVD, "Ambient Calm: Scenes of Serenity" , has much more 'user friendly' programming, though the pictures are slightly,but only slightly, less professional looking.
D. A. Millar, Campbell River, BC, Canada

Nature DVD - The Flow of Nature with Scenery From Yellow Stone National Park

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