tus.io - Squeezing Cats Through Tiny Mobile Tubes by Felix Geisendörfer from Web Rebels 2013
The internet has a problem. With the rise of HD cameras, videos and images keep getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately that makes it much harder to upload them through unreliable mobile networks. As a result, millions of cat videos and images are lost due to network errors every year.

The solutions are obvious, but unfortunately there is a distinct lack of interoperable software and protocols to make resumable file uploads a no-brainer for everybody.

tus.io is an open source project that's here to change this! We are working on an open protocol, along with client and server implementations for all plattforms to make sure no upload will ever be lost in the tubes again.

This talk will go over the technical problems and browser APIs for performing resumable uploads, and also look at improving upload speeds.

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