Reza Wreckage 10 in 10, Episode 2
A Wells-Walker Society Production

PROVIDENCE, RI - On the second episode of the Reza Wreckage 10 in 10, digital storyteller and multimedia producer Reza Clifton (Reza Rites / Venus Sings / The #AmbitiousBlackFeminist) talks to Afro-Dominicana Diana Rosario about a campaign she's launched called Project Romance Yourself. What's it about? Is it revolutionary? Listen to Diana and Reza Rites talk it out.

Reza also fills the episode with a reading of an original poem, a reminder that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a plug for the new album by Janelle Monae and an announcement about the Providence release party coming up for poet "J9."

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Mixing by Reza Clifton with tracks by Thievery Corporation, Ana Tijoux, Janelle Monae, J9, and more.

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