Yo! Wa gwan blud? 'Teen London': an exciting, edgy and authentic comedy drama inspired and created by urban young people; those living it for real blud. Ya get me?

A world of raging hormones and fitting in; of teen angst and dodgy fashions; of mad crazes, phone apps, chicken & chips and indecipherable Jafaican patois. Safe blud. Safe.

It's about escaping from the school bully, getting out of -- like -- pointless homework; dealing with dodgy teachers and -- like -- parents who are so uncool and embarrassing. Replete with raw teen humour and with a sprinkling of honest social commentary on top 'Teen London' pulls no punches.

A fascinating, side-splitting insight into what makes "kids nowadays" tick (and ting).

Gimme your time blud, innit though. Laterz.

Special thanks to Gladesmore Community School for allowing us to use their school as a location, their students as extras and for their brilliant 'Everybody Dreams' song.

Special thanks also to Alexandra Park School for allowing us to use their school as a location and their students as extras.

Ryan - Denzel Assiamah
Edwin - Stephen Antony
Chanel - Bessie Hitchins
Aysha - Rebecca Fallowfield
Head Bully - Louis Payne
Bully - Alexander Kuffour-Boateng
Head teacher, Ms Edwards - Victoria May
Roxanne, Ryan's mum - Siam Hurlock
Teacher 1 - Gillian McGregor
Teacher 2 - Michael Warburton
Teacher 3 - Andreas Koumi
Aysha's dad - Ravi Aujla
Aysha's best friend - Faith Yellbeck
Edwin's mum - Amee Smith
Edwin's dad - Enrico Tessarin
Chanel's posse - Alisha May, Arianna, Irene Artibani
Other students - Josh Robin Thorpe, Farhaan Uddin, Montanta Golding, Shannun Shamay, Khine Shardlow, Benjamin Okeiyi, Nsukami Aaron-Kama, Bahaucatt Fox

Creator and Executive Producer - Andreas Koumi
Producer - Enrico Tessarin
Associate Producer - Florence Codjoe
Director / DOP - Mirko Pincelli
Editor and VFX - Max Sycamore
Script Editors - Max Sycamore, Enrico Tessarin, Andreas Koumi, Flo Codjoe, Gary Flavell
Graphic Designer - Luke Pantelidou
2nd Unit DOP - Stefan Yap
Camera Assistants - Jalil Gibson, Gareth Fient, Sammie Hatter
Script Development - Simone Morris, Amina Walaa, Jessica Michael, Elif Mazi, Rebecca Longe, Jason Walters, Matthew Dixon, Sammie Hatter, Luke Dixon, Jerome Ghartey, Abdul Aroun, Marius Bacher, Juliette Kamzol, Pien Visser
Funders - Team London (Mayor of London & Reuben Foundation) & Youth in Action (British Council)

Original concept developed by the young people of Exposure.

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