Malyo/40 seconds in Paradise is an untold story for one charming place in the mountain.
The ski runs in the Maliovitsa valley are one of those places neglected by the modernization, so they have preserved their unique spirit. There are no modern and fast lifts around, but there is a lot of history. This could be confirmed by everyone who has skied/snowboarded between the burnt trees on the Razhdavitsa slope.

The extremely strong spirit of this glacial valley converted the region into a mountaineering hotspot. A lot of the Bulgarian climbers and alpinists have trained here. Many still do.
Lots of people consider Maliovitsa as their favorite place for backcountry skiing and snowboarding. Dozens of hiking trails cross the valley.

With this video I just want to keep those memories - when the spirit of the place is strongly felt.
Most of the shots were taken during one of the best winters in the last years - in January 2012.
A year later I returned to the same spot to talk to George Dzhorgov, J-bar operator on Razhdavitsa since 1968.

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Cinematography & editing
Emanuil Emanuilov “bagera”

Kostadin Karadinkov
Boyan Mitov

J-bar operator
George Dzhorgov

Ducktails - "Backyards"
Isaac Graham - "Columbus"

Thanks to
Stoil Dimitrov
Viktor Arakchiev “vga”
Yana Kazakova

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