1. CLIP : Sleepy Hollow
2. Agents of Shield : Season 1, Episode 1
3. Agents of Shield : The show is just NOT interesting
4. Agents of Shield : The formula is boring. It's Warehouse 13, it's X-files, it's Haven ... the "whatever" of the week.
5. Agents of Shield : MING NA WEN - the only reason to watch
6. Agents of Shield : I don't care about any of the characters. DON'T CARE.
7. Agents of Shield : The main agents has FRANKENSTEIN HEAD
8. Agents of Shield : It's being billed as a superhero show and edited like one but it's NOT one
9. Agents of Shield : Alphas - cancelled. Heroes - cancelled. It's been done and didn't work
10. Agents of Shield : "Superhero Theater" but for what? These are just AGENTS of Shield
11. Agents of Shield : People write stuff in vacuums. It's like they've never seen any other TV
12. Agents of Shield : You're not giving us anything new! WRITE SOMETHING NEW!
13. Agents of Shield : Why is the show a comedy? Why does it try to be funny every other line?
14. Agents of Shield : Crap show
15. Agents of Shield : Let's just show Ming Na kicking ass every week
16. Agents of Shield : The final monologue about being the 1%
17. Agents of Shield : 2 different statements in one muddled monologue
18. CLIP : Redwood The Series (redwoodtheseries.com/)
19. Hostages : Season 1, Episode 1
20. Hostages : I hate Dylan and his Fred Flintstone blue stubble
21. Hostages : I hate Tate. Go back to Space Camp.
22. Hostages : A primetime version of The Ref
23: Hostages : This would have been a great stage play. One room play
24. Hostages : I'd give the show a Tony for being a great stage play
25. Hostages : 22 episodes of setup. 22 episodes of family drama. 22 episodes of a PLAY
26. Hostages : If you want the president to die why not HIRE SOMEONE WHO WILL DO IT
27. Hostages : The show is completely UNinteresting and unBELIEVABLE
28. Hostages : The audience has less of an interest in this fucked up family
29. Hostages : A huge gamble that the audience CANNOT relate to
31. Dialog For Dynamic Duos (NCIS LA)
32. The Blacklist : Season 1, Episode 1
33. The Blacklist : We like James Spader
34. The Blacklist : "We didn't save the dock" (Harry Lennix)
35. The Blacklist : Dumb and boring. It's another Silence Of The Lambs setup
36. The Blacklist : Do you think we've not seen this before? Why can't you write anything NEW??
37. The Blacklist : The new Hannibal and the new Clarice ... you DO write in vacuums
38. The Blacklist : Criminals catching criminals is NOT NEW MATERIAL
39. The Blacklist : The show is DUMB but it is well produced
40. The Blacklist : If you got a lobotomy you could probably enjoy the show
41. CLIP : The Michael J Fox Show
42. MJF Show : Season 1, Episode 1
43. MJF Show : I hate comedies. I dislike dramedy. This is actually neither
44. MJF Show : Predictable. Not new. Not edgy
45. MJF Show : I consider him to be exploiting himself which is boring to watch
46. MJF Show : The jokes are incredibly transparent and predictable
47. MJF Show : I'd rather watch him on Good Wife and other things. Just be an actor.
48. MJF Show : It's Modern Family with Michael J Fox
49. CLIP : Mom
50. Mom : Season 1, Episode 1
51. Mom : Elaine explains the art of comedy
52. Mom : When you have 2 genius women like this in one show you can't screw it up
53. Mom : Comedy is very personal
54. Mom : Is the show good? It's GOLD.
55. Mom : Female comedians are taking over in front and behind the scenes which is EPIC
56. Mom : What makes comedy funny is the ART of it
57. 2BG Ending Summary

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