The calligraphy in the video literally expresses a poem also named Da Qin Ji, which is about my trip to Da Qin, an Chinese term for Roman Empire during Han Dynasty which is about 2000 years ago. The background Images correspond with the flowing Chinese calligraphy, expressing the meaning of each Chinese character. The entire background footage carries the whole idea of the poem. So hopefully without subtitles and translations, people can get a vague and broad idea of what is expressed in the poem.

The background music is Guang Lin San (广陵散), one of the eight most famous Chinese ancient music, played by Guqin, a ancient Chinese instrument.

Camera used: Sony NEX-5R

For more information about Chinese calligraphy and Guqin:

The Poem Da Qin Ji:
西至大秦, 窺領風韻。
飛閣流丹, 千仞滄海。
鵲起鐘樓, 恢弘陣陣。
教傳廳堂, 圣雅茫茫。
輕槳一撥, 已過朱甍。
歎息一聲, 背隔闕城。
幸甚至哉, 歌以詠志。

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