IGNITION LAB – Performance Installation
Abraham Hurtado

Instituto Cervantes
Rosenstr. 18-19
10178 Berlin

10th October 19h -21h
Entrance: 7€
The performance start at 19h and it will be running until 21h. It’s a durational installation. Audience can enter and exit in any moment during the two hours duration.

"Deficiencies in orthodox thinking correspond to the demands of a society increasingly frustrating. Dissatisfaction with life becomes distrust against the official lies that serve to justify these conditions of existence, this distrust, allows him self a more faithful outline of the development of mankind. Thoroughly explained the resignation and submission that characterize modern life by the characteristics of human nature. Also, the limit of our pre-civilized existence, made of privation, of brutality and ignorance dad eventually bring up the authority as a benefit that saves us from savagery. Still invokes the caveman and the Neanderthal man to tell us where we would be without religion, the state and forced work "
John Zerzan

The reasons for fear and despair will only multiply if we remain in this brutal and dangerous state of civilization”
-Blok 45 publishing, Belgrade. John Zerzan –

The LAB is focused on the perception of the body shown in different states. Starting from the idea of "Ignition" Hurtado studied the approach to the physical consequences or before the occurrence of a particular physical or emotional situation that is directly connected with frustration, brutality, explosion, euphoria, anger or claim as consequences of our living in a modern society under a “civilize system”
Concept: Abraham Hurtado
Created and executed: Víctor Colmenero, Daniela Ducato, Miguel Angel Guzmán, Sofia Karagiorgou, Andrea Krohn, Milla Koistinen, Philipp Leinenbach, Tatiana Mejía , Elena Morena, Charlotte Pauwelyn, Luana Rosetti, Moran Sanderovich, Rosa Tharrats,.
Live Music: Miquel Casaponsa


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