Huskey Road March 7,2008 3pm

Tried to take the scenic route home from work. I didn't have the GPS or altimeter with me but I'd guess I started hitting sheets of ice across the road at around 1500-2000' This stuff was hard to drive over. Some of it was rutted, polished ice and very slick, some was crunchy with fairly good purchase and some was soft slush the front wheel would plunge through. The ice formed curbs across the road standing 8" proud of the surface.

I finally came to a long uphill section covered with much deeper ice and slush. A large 4wd drive had gotten stuck and turned around here, leaving confused, frozen ruts that would tend to push the rig into the ditch. I stopped to take stock of the situation. I knew I had to climb some more before I topped the ridge and the next section would be shaded and steeper. I was ruining my dress boots. No one knew I was out here. My wife wouldn't get home until late that night. I had no desire to hike out in wet cowboy boots. Sometimes you just need to turn around...

Video shot with a Sony 520 recorded to a DXG 521 and an Oregon Scientific ATC2000, both using 2 gig SD cards

Music by John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat

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