They needed someone at the same point in their lives,
call it serendipity,
call it God's will,
what do I know? I am just a videographer.

Aston and Celest's wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I have attended. The relationships between their family and them were so strong it was inspirational. When Celest was sharing about the sacrifices her dad had to make, I was thinking about my own parents and my children, when Aston's brother went up to share, I was thinking about my kids and the kind of brotherhood they have.

Celest's words after the wedding summed up how I felt when I relived the moments when I edited :-

"... your work completely embodied what we wanted to convey and what was important. We were so incredibly moved by the video because it just spoke volumes about the celebration of love and family. After the wedding reception, so many guests were saying that the video helped them to get to know us as a couple and that it was just bursting with love. Thank you SO much. We could not ask for more..."

Being able to capture at least one per cent of what I felt was priceless. I can sleep that much better tonight, I feel.

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