A group of people embarked on a journey for a week to Mexico to learn and experience the legacy of Mesoamerica.

About the Trip Mission:
There is a growing number of first and second generation under-served immigrants from southern and northern native America and Mexico who struggle to adapt to the typical American lifestyle. Some of the obvious struggles and challenges include color of skin, social-economic differences, identity, discriminatory confrontations which sometimes include violence, and simple culture shock. There is confusion about who they are not only at home, but in society. The result when frustration hits its boiling point is school dropout, drug and alcohol abuse, criminal activity and unplanned pregnancies.

What we do:
EXPOSE: Educational trips for students to Mexico City and the Pyramids of Teotihuacan (Tenochtitlan and Teotihuacan) for one week to learn the tools and heritage of the wellspring for Mesoamerican thought, knowledge, philosophy and science- which flourished for thousands of years before contact with the white race.
TEACH: Curriculum will be standard-based, focusing on scientific methods and reasoning in the English language.
EVALUATE: We will enhance the evidence of success by collecting pre- and post- survey data that pertains to students’ and teachers’ concepts of identities. Each participant will be expected to write a case study report on their knowledge and experiences acquired and present it at a public and/or presentation for their peers during the next school year.
OUTCOME: The experience will inspire students and allow them to bloom as a result of a well-rounded identity, based in their ancestral roots, encouraging them to feel passionate to follow the educational pathway offered by United States colleges and vocational schools.

GET INVOLVED: To volunteer, apply or ask questions about the program please email conservepyramids@gmail.com.

C.A.P. /Conservation of the American Pyramids


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