451 Emunah (Firmness-Fidelity)

ZOMBIE, ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES…Did you know that there are zombies in the Bible? In this message we will prove that Yeshua the Messiah is God.

SECTION 1: EMUNAH. There was a speech by the Prime Minister of Israel this past week at the UN. It was a good speech. The words coming from Mr. Netanyahu were more prophetic then most people truly understand. In this first section of the message we will take a look at some of the words spoken from the podium. Words of an account of being in the “mud” those actually were written by King David but spoken by Bibi’s grandfather. Words that speak of Emunah- Firmness, Fidelity, Steadfastness and Steadiness needed in deep times of trouble.
SECTION 2: ZOMBIES. Did you know that Zombies were found in the bible? I have been noticing in much advertising and much on social media things about Zombies. If Yehovah is in charge of all things what is He trying to show us? What is the purpose of so much fascination with the dead, undead? Why are these games so popular? What is the hidden message found in the bible about Zombies?
SECTION 3: STRIKE THE ROCK AND LIVING WATER COMES. Once we understand the Zombie hidden message we will seek the living water to cure this curse. Each and every line of the bible has been carefully crafted by Yehovah. Each event that happened is there in the TANAK (OT) for a Brit HaDasha (NT) meaning. Once we understand the roots we can understand how to get more fruit from the tree. Once we understand the true meaning of the word Emunah our marriage to the lamb will be solid and steady. Once we understand how our bible was crafted by the skilled hands of Yehovah we will get a heart of flesh and drink the living water for the battle.
SECTION 4: THE FIRST AND THE LAST ROCK. As the puzzle gets closer to being complete those who have the fullness of the word from Beresheet (Gen) to Revelation truly understand what is needed to get to the end. Once you truly understand what Emunah means to Yehovah there will be living water in your lives. For Yehovah never changes and it is He that knows the beginning from the end. In this last section we will understand what Emunah Teshuvah is all about.

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