This video was shot on a 8mm and edited in camera. So basically everything was on the first take, good or bad.

Produced/Directed/Conceptualized: Renso Amariz/Jonathan Schwind
Camera: Jonathan Schwind
Music: "In Reference to Time" by Benjamin Dauer (
Poem: L'automne by Alphonse de Lamartine
English Translation:
Greetings, forests crowned with remaining green!
Yellowing foliage on the sparse grass!
Greetings, last gorgeous days! nature's mourning
Evokes my pain and gratifies my eyes!

I walk the lonely path in dreamy steps,
And want to see again, for the last time,
This waning sun and pale whose feeble light
Barely pierces the woods' dark at my feet!

Yes, in these autumn days when nature dies,
In her veiled looks I find a great allure,
A friend's farewell, and the very last smile
From the lips that death will forever close!

Thus ready to leave the span of my life,
I mourn of my long days the dying hope,
And look back once more and with envious eyes
I mull over its blessings ne'er enjoyed!

Earth, sun, valleys, and fair and sweet nature,
I owe you tears at the edge of my tomb;
The air smells so sweet! The light is so pure!
To the dying the sun is beautiful!

Now I want to drink until the last drop
This chalice that mixes nectar and bile!
At the bottom of life's cup that I drank,
Perhaps there was a drop of honey mild?

The future may well hold for me in store
A return of happiness, forlorn hope?
Perhaps among the crowd one soul ignored
Would understand my soul and would respond?

The flower falls and yields its perfume to the wind,
To life, and to the sun, saying its last farewell;
I'll die; and my soul at the moment it expires
Will sound a quite mournful and melodious death knell.

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