When local residents contact our Rancho Cordova bankruptcy attorneys they ask how to file for bankruptcy? Liviakis Law Firm explains the debt relief process so clients understand their rights with creditors who seek to collect their money and property. Below is a basic explanation of how to file for bankruptcy. However, if you want advice for your particular situation, you should consult an experienced Rancho Cordova bankruptcy attorney. A knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney can guide you through the entire bankruptcy process, and will in fact take care of much of the work.

In order to file for bankruptcy, a Rancho Cordova bankruptcy attorney fills out the petition and schedules (while a person can technically file for bankruptcy with just the petition, the schedules need to be filled out shortly thereafter or the case will be dismissed). The petition itself is a short document which includes things like the filers name, the chapter that the filer is filing under, and an estimation of creditors, assets and liabilities. The schedules are much longer, and include a list of all of a person's assets, liabilities and creditors, as well as his or her current income and expenses.

Once the petition and schedules have been filled out a Rancho Cordova bankruptcy lawyer will file them with the local bankruptcy court (bankruptcy courts are different from state courts or other federal courts, although bankruptcy courts and federal courts are often in the same building). Rancho Cordova bankruptcy attorneys look online to determine which bankruptcy court handles the bankruptcy filings from the client's city.

Once the petition and schedules have been filed, the bankruptcy filing will be complete. However, that is not the end of the work. Other tasks will need to be accomplished before the bankruptcy case is completed. If you are considering bankruptcy, you should consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Rancho Cordova, CA to guide you through the process. Contact the Liviakis Law Firm because we start moving you toward a better financial future without delay.

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