This short animation in the form of an interstitial was developed under the title “Only Because We Love You”. The style and format is pitched to an intended audience ranging from youth to adults who are in doubt of the current Australian government’s intentions and motivations. The likely format would be via non-commercial television as an interstitial on a program such as The Chaser’s War on Everything to suit the tongue-in-cheek and anti-establishment content of the animation. A consenting and interested demographic is pre-established by the television shows reputation. Another outlet for distribution includes video content websites such as YouTube, Google Video, Blinxx and peer review sites.

In choosing audio for the piece, I explored a variety of electronic glitch based music in order to investigate a variety of tempo changes, time stretching, plays on rhythm and pitch. I am very intrigued about the relationship of glitch sound and visuals. In regards to melody, the track chosen has a sweetly consumable and ironic flow which will add to the parody of the imagery as to the intended audiences reception of the content. The incredible music composition was written by Tarin Stewart. Vocally, the minimal lyrics express a need to escape and to breathe which along with the sweet melody and the contrasting predominantly heavy, industrial drum beats, a visual parody will be achievable.

Imagery style is two dimensional and mostly exploring tints and shades of a single colour for each act of the animation. Continuity of the digitally constructed artwork was achieved by using mostly vector artwork as background dynamics whilst overlaying dynamic flat typography and reduced photography. My intention was to explore the three dimensional space using simplified two dimensional imagery which results in a conclusion whereby the storyboards are revealed as an interconnected three dimensional object. Required photography was sourced via the creative commons website and my personal photography database. Further imagery was constructed in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator and by taking photos as required.

Typography presented in both “My Name Was God” by Flickermood on and Pleix’ music video for Plaid’s “Itsu” has inspired my animation in its use of minimalism and motion whilst employing a photo montage style similar to Qube Konstruct’s earlier works for MTV Asia. Qube Konstruct’s animation for Architecture Media is highly motivating in its exploration of three dimensional space utilising vector artwork and I have aimed to learn similar techniques whilst employing different visual aesthetics. This piece also interests me in how a conglomeration of flat objects can form a three dimensional model.

Dane Tennant: Designer, Animator, Director
Tarin Stewart: Sound Designer, Composer

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