Hip-hop has successfully indoctrinated the philosophy of misogyny
Our soul mission as men is: discard psychology and embrace physiology
This objectification is the reality and simply a symptom of our complacence
And “this” is an epidemic that an entire genre of music is facing
How can we wonder why men of color feel obligated to act scummy?
When the proliferating message imbedded in raps is “Fuck bitches get money”
The message is:

I’m a rapper,if you wanna be cool like me… then you must get dapper
If my bitch falls out line, then I’mma slap her
Cause I’m a rapper
A fucking rapper
Preying on girls with no self-respect just to trap her

Then he’ll go on to say bitch and slut
Then maybe a couple things to rhyme with… oh her butt
Then her ass and couple lines about titties
As the video goes on the men begin to throw some fifties

Now the eleven-year girl watching video makes a connection
The way to a man soul is by giving him erections
And so the video goes viral and
Ah! So begins the infection
Its like after Martin Luther King… So began the regression
The impression that rap has on our youth isn’t the controversy in question
No… the quintessence of my query is what are we doing to protect them
Inject them with misdirection?

But the song continues:

Bitches and drink
Fuck do you think
Bitches don’t think
Cause they are they stupid
No brain should be on ‘em just like my coop is

Rap and bitches
Rappin’ bitches bitches and rappin’ rappin’ and bitches until all of it switches
Uh! I love my big booty bitches
I love my big booty bitches
I love my big booty bitches
I love my big booty bitches
Cause her ass so fat I need a lap dance!

And the thirteen-year boy with his iPod makes the connection
My boys will respect me if I disrespect them
And so begins the cycle of objectification
We refer to the divine portal, which each person on the planet must first pass through
As pussy

What took me is I recite these lyrics with my boys everyday and that's the fact that shook me
So as I'm singing to drake
I'm subconsciously consenting that this is the perspective I'm willin’ to take
And the truth is rap isn't the only avenue of media that endorses it
In fact our very ideologies as Americans enforces it
And this crime is untraceable
You see music is not just music it’s something more capable
Cause after one-hundred plays on your playlist you know the lyrics start chasing you
Yeah hip-hop I’m facing you
Do you get the picture? Cause I’m tracing you
I had faith in you
But mainstream has got me hatin’ you
And I’m debatin’ you

And I’m not saying I’m perfect
In fact many people will be angered by these words, but I think it’s worth it
Because pop-culture is teaching children that they are worthless
Instead of saying looking beautiful is great, but real beauty is underneath the surface

But the song continues:

I like my bitches bad
But a hoe is betta
If she chooses to degrade herself… then Im’ma let’ha
I like my bitches bad
But my hoes betta
If she chooses self-esteem… Then lets forget her

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