Your bladder really does! So get your Kegel on to improve your bladder health in just a few discreet minutes a day. Kegeling is a simple exercise to strengthen the important pelvic floor muscles that are a key factor to a healthy bladder.

So come on and Kegel along with your new favorite song - Cystex "I'm Kegeling. Are You?" - and help make that annoying problem go away. A healthy bladder is a happy one.

Cystex (, the maker of urinary health products, cares about your urinary health and we want to shine a light on how women can take an active role in making their bladders stronger and better. Kegel exercises are an easy first step towards this goal, as well as understanding what common conditions can hinder bladder function, such as UTIs. Learn more and how to Kegel at: and

Produced by Robin Leedy & Associates
Original music by Double Sharp Productions
Animation by Nova Entertainment

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