Why Are Custom Orthotics More Effective In Treating My Foot Pain? Podiatrist in Overland Park, KS and Kansas City, MO - Thomas Bembynista, DPM

Dr. Thomas Bembynista of KC Foot Care discusses how custom orthotics can help correct biomechanical problems of the foot to alleviate heel pain and other foot problems.


What is an Orthotic?
Orthotics are custom made devices that are used to control abnormal foot function. They are made from a plaster cast of your feet with the foot in a non-weight-bearing position. This is the key to get a great fit.
Orthotics can be made for both sport and dress type shoes. Sometimes with dress orthotics, to get a proper fit, we ask you for a pair of shoes to send with the cast. Orthotics are flexible and can be made to be full length within the shoe with padding. We rarely make rigid orthotics because they are hard to wear and can hurt the feet.

What problems can orthotics help?
Custom orthotics can be used to treat a wide range of problems. They can help to reduce general foot pain and fatigue. They help many times with knee pain and lower back pain by maintaining correct foot function and shock absorption in the heel area.

Orhtotics can benefit the following:
• Heel pain
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Neuromas
• Bunions

Why choose our orthotics?
1. We diagnose and make the correct type of orthotic.
2. We provide custom fabrication of orthotics
3. We'll give you fast turn around time
4. You will get the type of orthotic that is best for you, i.e., flexible sport type or dress type for high heel or dress type shoes.

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