Apartment #13 Upstairs
By Steve Carey

I have a pounding headache again.
The neighbor wouldn’t stop playing the loud music.
Time and time again, I told her to stop.
She refused to listen.
I’m getting mighty upset.
I’m sick and tired of her crap.
I can hear it in my apartment all the time.
It is that damn loud.
It has been going over a month now.
No one wants to listen to loud noises.
It is very rude.
She is a nuisance.
She is not respecting me or the other neighbors.
I went through the proper channels.
I filed complaints.
I mentioned it to the apartment manager.
I emailed the housing authorities.
They spoke on my behalf.
They gave her a fair warning.
She is ignoring the manager & the authorities.
Something got to give.
I can’t go on like this.
I may have to call the police soon.
She is disturbing the peace.
She is breaking the law.
The police will do something about it.
There’s nothing like peace and quiet.
It’s wonderful.
Everyone doesn’t like loud noises of any kind.

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