This is the second trailer of the documentary "The Unsung Heroes - Married for a cause"

This trailer showcases two girls from different sections of society. The first girl is Vaidehi. She belongs to a well-to-do family and wishes to become a classical dancer when she grows up. Her mother, Neha, is a dance teacher and says she will try her best to fulfill her daughter's dream.

The second girl is Tejal. She lives in a slum in Rajkot and her parents are fruit vendors. Tejal dreams of becoming a famous Bollywood dancer but her parents feel that her passion for dancing is useless as she will be married off in a couple of years and then all she will do is take care of her husband's home.

Doesn't Tejal have the right to dream? So what if she is poor and has unsupportive parents? Who will help her to fulfill her dream?

The answer is : Our Unsung Heroes - Jeetu-Rehana - who believe that every child, regardless of her economic or social background, has the right to dream and an equal opportunity for quality education.

Jeetu & Rehana are an interfaith (Hindu-Muslim) couple who live in a town called Rajkot in western India. They defied their familes, put aside religious differences and got married to educate slum kids.

Their constant effort in the past eleven years has not only given an opportunity of education to 100s of slum children but has also brought positive benefits like family planning, de-addiction, self respect etc. to their families.

Created by The Pixel Saga Studios

Our Team :

Director/Cinematographer : Harish Devnani

Creative director/Executive producer : Jarna Devnani

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