After months of hard work from a number of great people, we’re excited to share our first Hunter Vids promo video. This powerful, inspirational video not only captures top-notch, high-quality footage from our partners and sponsors, but it also reflects the essence of who we are and what we’re about: the beauty and artistry of the hunt—the experience.

Director/Executive Producer: Todd Roark (
Editing/Co-Producers: Cody Altizer & Justin Michaels
Titles/Motion Design: Jim McCullough (

Videographers/Footage: Montana Wild, Greenback Tactical Hunters, B3 Films, Rock Road Pursuits, Into The Wind Outdoors, RockHouse Motion, Fowled Reality, Montauk Motion, Baune Media, Hunting The Great Outdoors, Shoveltail, Mountain Made Media, Metzger Media, Hindsite Hunt Preserve, Leatherwood Outdoors, Whitetail Warriors, Lenker Outdoors.

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