In this video we show you how to set use our Cobra and explain many details of the functions. Moreover you get a preview on our innovative missing link for the DreamCatcher linelocker.

The Cobra pulley system:

The reduction to the most fundamental purpose leads to a clear look and an unbeatable relation between weight and efficiency. The 5:1 Cobra pulley system has been developed specifically for slacklining and therefore reduced to pure function. Compared to conventional pulley systems, which consist of different components of mountain climbing sports, rescue and PSA, Cobra was designed just for the purpose of slacklining by applying engineering knowledge at its best.
Like that we have succeeded in developing an highly efficient, light and small system for ambitious slackliners.
Its' weight of ~2000 grams (including 33 m of rope and DreamCatcher webbing anchor) is a third of the weight of comparable powerful systems (SMCs) [evidence of efficiency here:]

More infos:

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