"The Journey to Freedom" tells briefly of the manner in which Paul Mahony awoke to the plight of non-human animals who suffer at the hands of humans.

Do we exploit non-human animals? Yes. Do we abuse our power? Yes. Is our approach just? Certainly not.

However we express our relationship with most non-human animals, there is something fundamentally wrong with our approach.

The venue of the presentation was Paul's local Toastmasters club. The presentation was part of the club's "International Speech Contest", which places a time limit of 7.00 minutes on each speech, with 0.30 leeway.

Footnotes (inserted at the time of posting):

1. The reference to "kill more rabbits" was not intended to be disrespectful to that wonderful species. The comment reflected the standards of the time.

2. Ned Kelly was a famous Australian bushranger (outlaw) of the 1800's.

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