During my second year at Hull university, I had to choose between either an array of pre-set projects or one of my own which I would then pursue in my third year. I decided to follow my own interests and do a project on flocking behaviours and simulate this in a school of fish.

This project was heavily influenced by Craig W.Reynold's pioneering work with BOIDs, which simulated group behaviours including flocking. For flocking behaviours to work it requires the aptly named "three rules of flocking"; these are separation, alignment and cohesion.

It was all done in C++, using OpenGL. I learnt a great deal not only about furthering my skills in C++, but about designing\developing my own project from concept to final presentation. This project gave me huge confidence with my own abilities and even through all the pain it was worth it.

Main areas of interest:

* Different species of fish which have different traits e.g. varying speeds and vision rates
* Predators which hunt the fish
* Fish being able to run away from the predators hunting
* Obstacles and there avoidance
* Graphical display which shows the fishes relationship together
* Camera settings and different views

The video is quite long so apologies for that, but I tried to show everything that I did for the project.

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