Over this past summer I watched a little bit of documentaries on Netflix, but two of them caught my eye especially.
The films "Beware of Christians" & "One Nation Under God" were really, really cool with it's core purposes on living out the Bible & what people believe about the Bible.
With my love for movies, music & imagination, these films were very inspiring that I wanted to create one myself. God was totally at work throughout the whole project, so the gifts He gave me & coming across the Netflix films & getting these ideas right before the school year started didn't happen by chance.
Within the first few nights of school, I started to write down my ideas of what look, sound & persona the film would have. I then talked with my teacher about what the film would be about, eventually agreeing the film would be about science & faith's relationship.
After researching articles, interviewing two pastors, collecting photos & recording my voice, here it is! This film isn't all about the highs AND lows of science & faith's relationship, but it's mainly about how the two actually go together. All the praise & glory & honor goes to God, who let this project work & let this go farther than I could have ever expected!

Thanks to the following musicians & sources;

Pastor Brian Dainsberg

Pastor Brian Episcopo

Anders Johanson (Facebook: facebook.com/andersjohansonmusic?fref=ts Noisetrade: noisetrade.com/artemiscornwallace)

Jars of Clay (Facebook: facebook.com/jarsofclay Twitter: @jarsofclay)

Paulette Wooten (Facebook: facebook.com/paulettewootenmusic?fref=ts Noisetrade: noisetrade.com/paulettewooten)

Windsor Airlift (Facebook: facebook.com/windsorairlift?fref=ts Twitter: @Windsor Airlift)

Panda Panda! (Facebook: facebook.com/PandaPandaCR Twitter: twitter.com/pandapandacr Noisetrade: noisetrade.com/pandapanda)

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