On this occasion, I hopped on the subway train to Manhattan and without knowing where I was going to end up I decided to play it by ear and just follow the crowd for the day.

Sometime around noon, I arrived by The Columbus Circle (59th and Broadway) Subway Station. In the beginning I just followed the people in the area and next thing I knew I went into Central Park through its South-Western entrance and just followed my gut as found my way on my own from there. It was still nicely warm out and there were many people enjoying the early autumn of this late September day taking advantage of this beautiful sunny day in NYC.

Through this shoot in Central Park, I wandered from “Heckscher Playground” and headed towards “The Pond,” from there headed up North through “East Green” to end my stroll by “Conservatory Water.” By the end of my shoot, I exited the park by 77th Street and 5th Ave, which made my daily shoot quite a nice one.This was an awesome shoot and I look forward to more Central Park Outings in the future.

All shot handheld. No rigs or tripods.

Song: “Shine Inside” by Duncan Sheik

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