A promo I Directed and wrote, shot on 35MM in 2003 for a season of movies bskyb was doing on New York. Shot in an derelict Movie theatre in Grays Essex. The Gentleman at the start of the promo was the actual projectionist that had worked in the theatre since the 40's right up till when it closed in the mid 90's. The Property that the theatre was on had been bought out by supermarket giant Tescos, but because it was a Heritage building they could only use the property for it's parking and had to leave the theatre in tact.

They didn't know what to do with the old guy because he lived in the projection room and kept the projector running so they let him stay as long as he maintained the theatre and emptied the buckets that caught the rain

When I spoke to the man he told me the last time the theatre was full was when Star Wars opened in 1977, the place was huge and beautiful, a bit sad really. I had no plan of using any Talent but he looked so good I begged him to be in it, I think we gave him 100 quid or something like that.

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