PIUS X School and Racquet Club, has a racquet, looking like a pie, or a net. 20 blackbirds bake in a pie,...With Malice Unto None, 14th floor LINCOLN Capital building with 93 Counties on the eaves, they used the position and, names of counties on the eaves. WE THE PEOPLE, WEE DAY CARE, ETC.
NEBRASKA. Hatch act 1939, Wizard of Oz, Double Die Penny, wheat penny, Cooper st. 3900 block
I scream, you scream, we all scream, for ice cream. Definition Barracks, Dairy Queen, we treat you right! trick or treat! smell my feet. Candy door ways, Halloween, stranger danger, May Day, with cups pipe cleaners and candy. BLACKBIRDING is to be tricked into slavery. My children and I, held, hostage by White House mafia, claiming they wanted to use
Jimmy Carter facts, Iran, to use MCCARTHYISM, as, they are guilty of MCCARTHYISM, by holding me hostage.
they say they wanted to hold me hostage, and, ASSASINATE me, as a slave, using the Confederate X, by forcing me, to be entrapped with exploitation, and, their malicious intent unto Secret Society, and, or The Federal

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