This is a video slideshow of a beautiful young 'womanchild', Susan, coming of age in a very difficult time, the mid-seventies. In a time of sexual revolution, an extreme drug counter-culture and rock 'n' roll for the masses, she was left pretty much to fend for herself, and that she did and did well.

In many of the photos, her countenance belies her family name (which will remain confidential for the sake of her privacy), which would indicate a happier facade was in order. But when she did smile, which I was fortunate to witness fairly often, it was like the noon sun shining through thunder-clouds. She beamed! She could melt your heart with her smiling face.

The photos were done over a period of time, in various locations, some candid, some organized shooting (with the permission of her mom, at the time) All were taken in Sullivan County, NY in 1974.

Susan is a grown woman today and despite her difficult youth, her accomplishments and accreditations, are too numerous to list here, and she did it pretty much (if not totally) on her own. From a heavy equipment operator to a registered nurse, and lord only knows what else. She now has children (grown) of her own, and is a wonderful parent, which although I do not see or hear from her often, I know from the things she says and does, when I do. I am as proud of her as I would be if she were my own daughter.

Susan has graciously given her permission to post this video which I am happy to share with those who were lucky enough to have known her, those who still do, and those who do not, but will now get a glimpse of her shining Soul, from the few photos we did 'back in the day'. The music by Stevie Nicks is a perfect fit for this slideshow.

Thank you Sweet Susan.
I love you! :-)

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