In the video installation Assemblages Against Essences (HD video projection on 10 stacks of white paper), ten constantly
changing images are projected onto a surface of ten stacks of blank white paper that represent a dynamic map, as well as a
projected model. As the individual images change, new patterns are formed, and then disappear, creating a sort of
cosmological model through the ever newly appearing constellations of pictures and drawings. Never static, the overall
picture is constantly changing. At times, it seems that the different images are completely random and independent of each
other; at other times, they seem to create a pattern when viewed in sequence; and at other times, they all suddenly merge
together and form one single, larger picture. The overall result is a mesmerizing assemblage of different images and maps of
various dimensions that continually change their character and testimony over time. The identity of the assemblage,
throughout all its varying levels and dimensions, is based on the singularity of this process.

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