Here is the slow-motion video of my athlete project Red Bull Sunflips.
I have an idea.
That is the sentence I always say after I come up with something cool in my
head. This time it was Red Bull Sunflips.
I have been looking at the Red Bull logo for the last 14 years and I admire
it. It Is such a great logo, presenting energy at its finest. While I was
practicing frontflip, and watching videos of it, I realized that my body is
in the same position as the bull's on the Red Bull logo. Feet on my pedals,
back position, hands forming horns.
"I have an idea!" The idea came straight to my mind. Let's do frontflips
dressed in red and facing each other while the sunset is in the middle.
That was perfect example of logo's energy. I put it on the paper and that
was the beginning of the realization, and this video is the end of the realization.
You better check out the photo on

Riders: Szymon Godziek & Mislav Mironović
Video by: Igor Miličić

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