This film was shot on 16mm and super-8 film by Randy Sterling Hunter over a period of 6 months in Vienna, Austria; Trincomalee, Sri Lanka; and Berlin, Germany. "Points of Light" is taken from Pillars and Tongues' October 2013 full-length, END-DANCES (Empty Cellar Records). Special thanks/ additional Camera - Maria A. Mäser

Made under the auspices of a Fulbright grant funded by the Austrian-American Educational Commission.

"Randy Sterling Hunter and I were connected through our mutual friend Angel Olsen. He and I connected in Vienna, talked briefly, went our separate ways, and met again some hours later, after a brief segue into sleep, starting work on the film more or less immediately.

Just as immediately, an exchange of ideas -- which would present themselves as potential themes for the film -- began. Something that feels profound, in a very personal way, then seemed to happen while working: we rapidly developed ideas, committed to further exploring said ideas, and then discarded such commitments and ideas. This was not an intentional process, nor was it, at least it seems to me, a matter of ambivalence. Instead, I think our collective creative energies created a sort of overflow. Each idea, each concept served to provide a sort of guidance, as they do; but more than that, each concept seemed to collapse time and intention, more like a spread of cards would. These spreads seem to me to be concealed within the work, rather than having just informed it.

My view of this film is obviously skewed by my intimate involvement in it, but I cannot shake the feeling that all of the themes and concepts which were "discarded" have informed the work in such a way that a sort of spell is cast, paralleling in experience one of the primary themes which has been concealed within the work."

Mark Trecka, Chicago, Autumn 2013

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