In conversation with film-maker and street photographer Luke Forsythe in London last spring, we commissioned him to make a film for us. We asked him to explore the aesthetic of our latest watch the Blacklamp Carbon and come up with a piece of work that could add to the imagery. This beautiful piece of moving image was filmed on location on the south coast of England, the coastline that gave shape, colour and inspiration to the Blacklamp.

Luke comes from a family of photographers and cinema managers and has followed in that tradition becoming a film director and street photographer. He has always been acutely aware of the differences between the two mediums and in recent years he has begun developing a response to this dichotomy.

A film is made by a crew, a photograph often made alone. Film is generally shot and played rigidly at 25 frames per second at a 50th of a second exposure, profoundly affecting the result.

Working alone, Luke uses time-lapse and motor drives reconstructing the conventional way of seeing, a less time based reality is observed. This film The Blacklamp is part of a series of films he has made in this manner.

The film should be watched in peaceful surroundings. It should be considered much like our Blacklamp manual wind wrist watch.

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