"I don’t want my paintings to speak in Chinese. My work is not 'made in China' and I don’t want it to speak that language. My paintings don’t need explanation. They just communicate; there is universality to them." - Yan Pei-Ming

Peter Sumner, director and head of Contemporary Art in London presents two works from the Contemporary Art Evening and Day Sales by Yan Pei-Ming -- 'Golden Buddha', 2005 and 'Double (Artist's Father)', 2007. A modern day ‘master of brushwork’, Yan Pei-Ming has become one of China’s leading painters, creating signature works that are instantly recognizable for their dramatic strokes and monochromatic tones. The artist represents a unique bridge between Eastern and Western cultures by producing a body of work that aligns in a classically ‘Western’ genre of portraiture yet doing so within a Chinese aesthetic.

See these works:
'Golden Buddha', 2005: phillips.com/detail/YAN-PEI-MING/UK010613/19
'Double (Artist's Father)', 2007: phillips.com/detail/YAN-PEI-MING/UK010713/144

Produced by Phillips (2013)
Director/Editor: Max Sobol
Producer: Alex Godwin-Brown

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