Southeastern sky at the Edelweißspitze - guided, Salzburg, 2571m
522 frames @ 20s, 1 second pause between exposures
September 7, 2013
02h44 - 05h46 MESZ
Nikon D7000 @ ISO 3200, manual mode
Nikon 18-200mm VR set to 18mm f/3.5
The exposure series starts well after midnight and ends when morning twilight became too bright and saturates the frame. Near-horizontal guiding was used to keep the camera pointed towards the Winter Milky Way and Orion. The brightest "star" is actually planet Jupiter, seen at the left side and rising above the upper edge. The second brightest object is Sirius, rising about mid-time in the video above the mountains at the center of the frame. Astonomers at work crowd the left-side foreground at the start of the video.

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