These are short clips of some of the projects I've been working on over the past year while studying at Nackademin in Stockholm.

Software used: Maya, Nuke, Syntheyes


Film Noir
Me: All compositing(As well as lighting and rendering)
Andreas Mielonen: Modeling, texturing
An homage to Grim Fandango and the Film Noir genre in general. I ended up having to do manual tracking for the 3d camera, and the key suffered from a lot of video compression artifacts, so quite a challenge in the end.

Water bear
This is a tardigrade creature I've been working on, it's really a work in progress but I wanted to include it somehow . An exercise in matchmoving and just cgi integration in general.

Me, Rikard Löfving, Johanna Röjås, Emma Hildestrand, Simon Decombel, Andreas Mielonen
A school project near the end of last semester that was severly rushed. I decided to go back and rebuild almost everything from scratch(Though, thankfully we'd done most of the roto work already)

Pixar Logo Remake
Me(Compositing, rendering), Andreas Mielonen(Modeling), Emma Hildestrand(Animation)
This project really opened up my eyes to post-production work. We emulated the pixar logo look with a simple combination of layers and render passes.

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