FPGA mining LTC at 25KHs using 5W of power (can be powered from USB)
In this video it uses around 1.45 - 1.5A at 3.3V- current varies slowly with time as board gets hotter .

Spin-off from the RAM based FPGA miner for Scrypt, this project uses FPGA internal ram. It is packed on a small board and it can be plugged into USB port like a dongle. The other components on board, are a USB MCU, a TI switching power supply for FPGA core voltage and two LDO regulators for IO Voltages.
A heatsink and a fan are required to keep FPGA temperature low to maintain KHs/Watt ratio.
For better results we also developed a larger, 8 cores board.

Available on ltcgear.com

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