Popple Creek Pictures presents: NORTH PASSAGE, a poetic northwoods psychological thriller.

Website: northpassagefilm.com

Director: Kevin Pontuti
Producer: Mimi French
Screenplay: Charis Collins
DP: Ed Jakober
Music: Jay Collins, Simon Sperl, Jonathan Daniels, Dean Granros, Kenzie Joy


An unusual twist on the post-apocalyptic genre, NORTH PASSAGE mixes dramatic narrative with a poetic northwoods fairy tale, examining themes of loss and redemption within the psyche of Frea, a teenaged girl struggling to come to terms with life after civilization.

Having abandoned the city after a cultural meltdown, Frea and her father escape to an encampment helmed by Frea’s grandfather, a survivalist primed to go back to a simpler time. The two refugees cobble together a meager existence in the camp, but they are plagued by guilt and regret brought on by a tragedy during their journey north.

Despondent in her grief, Frea wanders numbly through her days until a strange dog appears in camp and nudges her back to life, triggering a chain of events that will intertwine her destiny with mysterious, transformative forces in the dark woods and bring her face to face with what “going back” might mean to a young girl.

And so the time comes when Frea has a mission – not one of passive acceptance, but of active choice. She must decide whether her loss will cripple her, whether she will make her choices based on what should be or what is, and whether she will define her new world or it will define her.


Runtime: 62 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 1 x 2.35
Capture: Digital
Sound: Stereo
Language: English
Year of Production: 2013


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