Veronica's Voice 2nd Demand Change Heartland Conference serves as a key part of the overall Demand Change Heartland Movement. The vision of the Heartland Movement is to shift the public's paradigm from seeing some as worthy victims and others as "unworthy" victims or criminals, to understanding the different forms of sex exploitation/sex trafficking as an issue of gender violence and inequality.

Those who have been sexually exploited through the various forms of sex trafficking are some of the most marginalized, stigmatized, and under-served members of society. On October 26, 2013, Veronica's Voice will bring together survivor-leader-experts who have led the push for abolition, collectively, for more than 7 decades—long before the anti-trafficking movement ever began. They have done so by advocating for other victims of sexual exploitation, educating others on the realities of sex trafficking in America, and by having the courage to make a call to the community to DEMAND CHANGE. Join us in these efforts!

October 26th, 2013. Register here:

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