"A sutra is the Hindu word for song, but also something that joins two things together such as in the French word suture, sewing something together, such as a wound. A sutra joins divergent topics, and also the speaker and listener together as one." Karl Holmqvist

THIS twisted sketch is made as a starting point for live performances, storytellings, and actions. In this way it is a used tool box, something raw to make more precious things. In this way it is not the source of energy moving through the stories, it is a vehicle through which a stories can be translated across listening and speaking. In this way it responds to the particular ecologies of people and attention and interest in the place it is performed. In this way it can help create a listening volume which is inhabitable, felt, perceived. In this way it is strung out. It can be shown by itself on a loop in a space in which any segment --chunks between the black screen -- can be of interest on it's own.


Every morning, every box from China winding up in the Marcato, Addis Ababa, is tied in plastic binding. That binding is discarded. Then collected from the ground by young girls. The young girls sell the binding as fibers to old men. It takes one man 9 days to twist things that hold everything together into a 40m yarn. It takes another man 2 days to twist that 40m yarn into a 14m rope. A yarn in ropemaking is said to wander.

The movie TWISTED FUTURES is a twisted history of rope. Of rope walking. A line of thought. A knot philosophy. Of stories returned to and returned to. Videos of videos of videos. Resolution loss without resolutions lost. So returns. Of twisted systems. Slivers from many different things are twisted together, like our lives, like memory, like language, like glossolalia and dictations of surgical procedures, like our economies and ecologies, like beliefs in whatever death is. What does it means to turn things around over and over again and in that turning to twist into each other, often in opposite directions, and into things, with things, with the bacteria we are, co-structuring each other’s lives.

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