A video to promote a new musical project around the composer Giuseppe Verdi, to celebrate the anniversary of his death, 100 years ago. Giovanni Falzone, an eclectic trumpeter, wrote, arrange, directed and played "Sempre Verdi", a concert in seven movements performed with the Contemporary Orchestra (ten musician plus two singers), produced by Musicamorfosi association.

So, one cold but sunny sunday morning, me, Giovanni, and Saul (the artistic director of Musicamorfsoi) went to the Monumental cemetery of Milan very early when nobody was there.
We gave a an eye around, looking for a suggestion to start shooting, and when Giovanni started to play trumpet, walking through Giuseppe Verdi's and Alessandro Manzoni's tombs, the birds answered by singing, the sun was bright, and the riverbed of sound in the marble building was so deep and magic that the inspiration come.

This video is realized with a very small troupe (me and Saul who recorded the audio) and is practically "one shot": no writing or lots or remakes, only the poetry of place, the magic of Giovanni's trumpet and our sensibility and emotions. I've done some technical test but i record the few clip i edited. Giovanni was so happy for the video to decide to show it to open the concert in Monza.

A really special morning for everybody, and a very inspiring music.

Giovanni Falzone: trumpet
Cristina Crippi: video shooting and editing, direction
Saul Beretta: audio recording, artistic advice
more info: lampi.musicamorfosi.it/2013/lampi2013/sempreverdi/

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