This is now our Second video for and we are so happy with the awesome result!
This explainer video shows why Jenzabar is the go to place for eLeaning software. If your interested in your own animated explainer video contact us to at

Video Transcript Below:
They say you can’t put a value on education ­ but continuing budget cuts and limited resources
seem to tell a different story.
Let’s change that story and create a better learning environment with a smarter budget.
So you need to know about Jenzabar eLearning ­ because it’s going to open up a new world of
educational possibilities for your institution.
Jenzabar eLearning offers an incredibly rich feature­set for all users. It’s easy for faculty to
connect and engage with students, build courses, post rosters, manage grades and so much
more with a single login.
It’s accessible on any device giving you the freedom to expand courses and enrollment
independent of geographical constraints.
And since our expert service & support team are fluent in the specific needs and wants of
academic IT, it’s effortless to migrate existing courses to Jenzabar eLearning, customize the
system to your requirements and help your faculty to master the elegant setup.
Best of all, Jenzabar offers the strongest service to price ratio on the market, allowing you to
expand premium courses, features and accessibility while insulating yourself from shrinking
We want to help you to innovate, to grow, to succeed ­ because despite the trends, education
has to get better by being smarter.
Talk to us today or find out more at

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