Our team is always talking about doing short little parody videos and making fun of everyday things. The medications that are commonly seen on T.V. these days always mention some pretty scary or shocking side effects. We thought this might show a little humor and creative story telling. And for those who think this was easy . . . try it yourself sometime. This was an absolute ball to shoot. Between David cracking me up and actually "practicing his nauseous flatulence" on set, and Brittney not being able roll a bowing ball straight for 8 feet, I have never belly laughed so hard in my entire life.

So . . . just to let everyone know . . . we have several more parody's in the works and soon to be announced. On the docket for upcoming ones are:

* Recalculating
* Vream
* Junk Food
* Addicted to Coffee

See you soon guys.

Please let us know what you think of this one . . .

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