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This is part of an ongoing series of Bed Projects of women's histories and her-stories.
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This specific bed began with my interest in Florence Nightingale and her hospital reform work during the Crimean War. What she accomplished would change the way nurses and the field of nursing would be considered from that point onward (both on the battle field and at home). Many women were inspired by her work and joined the war as volunteers – following their husbands and brothers into the battle fields. Others disguised themselves as men in order to partake in the action at the front lines.

These stories include those told from the more well-known Louisa May Alcott (whose literary beginnings were formed with her hospital experiences written in her 1863 book, “Hospital Sketches” ), to Sara Emma Edmonds, also known as the soldier “Frank” during the war, among others. It is their bed oriented stories and experiences, that fill this folding army cot.

The bag that that holds the bed and bedding is based on a design from early World War tent bags.
The pie-chart design stitched on it is based on the coxcomb charts Florence Nightingale devised to explain health reforms needed, based on death statistics of the British army troops on the fields,
during the Crimean War.

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