A little short story i am working on. The brief was originally to deliver a 10 - 15 sec channel ident for internal use, but after writing this story i wanted to develop this a little further into a full story.

The Video is an early WIP of the story, with the focus on mapping out the scenes and transitions at this stage. The first two scenes however have been rendered out to test materials and potential lighting rigs.

Additional scenes:

- Turns to see other balls 'sunning it' on the beach!
- Hit again, he flys out of the bunker.
- Montage collection of ball being hit and hitting scenery.
- fade to black
- finally settling in the hole.

Working on this at the moment, hoping to have this finished in 2010.

STORY: James + Jason Mortimer (Brahm)

MUSIC: Mike Snow - Black and Blue (myspace.com/miikesnow)

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